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Tien X. Tian

Vice President, Research and Chief Economist

Tien Tian heads the production of statistics and research for the U.S. Travel Association. She oversees all programs involving measurement of the economic impact of travel on the U.S., nationwide and by region, state, county and congressional district.

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Daystar Van Wagner

Director, Exhibit and Meeting Services

Daystar Van Wagner is the director of exhibit and meeting services for the U.S. Travel Association. She is a meeting and event planner with more than 15 years of experience in association and nonprofit meeting planning.

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Shelley Conway

Director of Meeting and Event Services

Shelley Conway oversees the development and financial tracking of all event budgets, and serves as the primary liaison to the Accounting department.

Susan Sanberg

Susan Sandberg

Vice President, Meeting and Event Services and Assistant General Manager, IPW

Susan Sandberg joined U.S. Travel Association in July 2003, bringing with her more than ten years of meeting planning experience. In her current role, she oversees the operations and logistical management of IPW, U.S. Travel’s premiere international inbound travel trade show.

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Annliese Scott

Director, Marketing Services

Annliese Scott joined the U.S. Travel Association in October 2013. In her position, she is responsible for defining the marketing vision for U.S. Travel events, membership, and research initiatives by developing and maintaining email, digital, direct mail, video, and social media channels.

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Laura Holmberg

Vice President, Marketing and Industry Communications

Laura Holmberg joined the U.S. Travel Association in 2007. As vice president of marketing and industry communications, she oversees all activities pertaining to the U.S. Travel brand, event, print and digital marketing and creative services.

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Brenda McDowell

Former Account Director, IPW Media Sales

Brenda McDowell joined the U.S. Travel Association in 2013 as Associate Publisher of the IPW Daily and also serves as Associate Director, Partnerships for Project: Time Off.

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Ruth Mensch

Director, IPW Sponsorships

Ruth Mensch joined U.S. Travel Association in December 2011, bringing with her over 20 years of travel industry experience, including leadership positions in the hotel and tour operator industry. In her current role, Mensch is in charge of Sponsorship Sales for IPW, the premier international inbound trade show for the United States, formerly known as International Pow Wow.

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Judith Harris

Vice President, Member Services

Judith Harris joined the U.S. Travel Association as an administrative assistant of member services in 1991. She has remained in the member services department and was promoted to coordinator in 1993, manager in 1994, director in 2001, senior director in 2011 and her current position of vice president in 2018.

Malcolm Smith

Malcolm Smith

Senior Vice President, Business Development General Manager, IPW

In his current role, Malcolm Smith is responsible for overseeing U.S. Travel’s business development activities, which include strategic partnerships, premier membership, sponsorships and advertising sales. Additionally, in 2011, Smith assumed the role of general manager of IPW, the premier international inbound trade show for the United States, formerly known as International Pow Wow.