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Ruth Mensch

Director, IPW Sponsorships

Ruth Mensch joined U.S. Travel Association in December 2011, bringing with her over 20 years of travel industry experience, including leadership positions in the hotel and tour operator industry. In her current role, Mensch is in charge of Sponsorship Sales for IPW, the premier international inbound trade show for the United States, formerly known as International Pow Wow.

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Judith Harris

Vice President, Member Services

Judith Harris joined the U.S. Travel Association as an administrative assistant of member services in 1991. She has remained in the member services department and was promoted to coordinator in 1993, manager in 1994, director in 2001, senior director in 2011 and her current position of vice president in 2018.

Malcolm Smith

Malcolm Smith

Senior Vice President, Business Development General Manager, IPW

In his current role, Malcolm Smith is responsible for overseeing U.S. Travel Association’s business development activities, which include strategic partnerships, premier membership, sponsorships and advertising sales. Additionally, in 2011, Smith assumed the role of general manager of IPW, the premier international inbound trade show for the United States.

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Cathy Reynolds

Lead Manager, IPW Press Operations

Cathy Reynolds oversees all aspects of the press and media operations program for U.S. Travel’s IPW, the premier international inbound trade show for the United States, formerly known as International Pow Wow. In this role, she recruits and manages a delegation of more than 500 international and domestic media from 70+ countries, as well as managing the all-day Media Marketplace, IPW press conference program and the IPW Travel Writer Awards.

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Contina Djaouga

Vice President, Finance

Contina Djaouga joined the U.S. Travel Association in 2014 eager to expand on her 15-plus years of leadership and management experience with nonprofit organizations. She manages the accounting department and ensures the timely and accurate preparation of monthly financial statements for the Association.

Michelle Tuffin

Michelle Tuffin

General Counsel

Michelle Murray Tuffin has served as the General Counsel of U.S. Travel Association since August 2011.

media Kathleen Riley Headshot

Kathleen Riley

Senior Director of Web Operations

Kathleen Riley is the senior director of website operations for the U.S. Travel Association. In her current role, she oversees the management of multiple online assets and the email marketing programs of the association.

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Jamie Faulkner Mageau

Jamie Faulkner Mageau

Director of Research Products

Jamie Faulkner Mageau is the director of research products for U.S. Travel Association, where she develops research products to communicate the importance and impact of the travel industry. She also provides tools and research to assist state and destination tourism organizations in their marketing efforts and communicate the value of the travel industry to travel and policy maker stakeholders.

Erik Hansen

Erik Hansen

Vice President of Government Relations

As vice president of government relations, Erik Hansen leads development of U.S. Travel's domestic policy agenda, and represents the travel community before the Executive Branch and Congress.