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media David Huether Headshot

David Huether

Senior Vice President of Research

David Huether is the senior vice president for research at the U.S. Travel Association, where he manages the association’s economic, marketing and advocacy research programs.

Jamie Faulkner Mageau

Jamie Faulkner Mageau

Director of Research Products

Jamie Faulkner Mageau is the director of research products for the U.S. Travel Association, where she develops research products to communicate the importance and impact of the travel industry. She also provides tools and research to assist state and destination tourism organizations in their marketing efforts, and to communicate the value of the travel industry to travel and policy maker stakeholders.

media Lorrainne Howerton Headshot

Lorraine Howerton

Senior Director of Government Relations

Lorraine Howerton is the senior director of government relations for the U.S. Travel Association. In her current role, Howerton is responsible for outreach to advance U.S. Travel’s legislative priorities in Congress. She also creates policy messaging that will engage lawmakers on travel issues.

media Erik Hansen Headshot

Erik Hansen

Vice President of Government Relations

As vice president of government relations, Erik Hansen leads development of U.S. Travel's domestic policy agenda, and represents the travel community before the Executive Branch and Congress.

media Nan Marchand Beauvois Headshot

Nan Marchand Beauvois

Senior Vice President, Membership and Industry Relations; General Manager, ESTO

Nan Marchand Beauvois is the U.S. Travel Association’s senior vice president of membership and industry relations, overseeing the National Council of State Tourism Directors, the Experience Network, the Destinations Council and the Meetings Mean Business Coalition. She is also general manager for U.S. Travel’s Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations (ESTO).

media Greg Staley Headshot

Greg Staley

Senior Vice President of Communications

Since November 2012, Greg Staley has served as senior vice president of communications for the U.S. Travel Association, where he manages the organization’s external and industry-focused messaging.

media Chris Kennedy Headshot

Chris Kennedy

Senior Director of Strategic Communications

Chris Kennedy, a veteran of political, association and think-tank communications, serves as senior director of strategic communications for the U.S. Travel Association.

media Eric Weber Headshot

Eric Weber

Vice President of Technology

Eric Weber is vice president of technology for the U.S. Travel Association. His business responsibilities span all technology and operations, including U.S. Travel’s digital properties, infrastructure, cloud services and disaster recovery activities.

media Adam Vance Headshot

Adam Vance

Executive Vice President of Operations

Adam Vance is executive vice president of operations for the U.S. Travel Association. Along with managing U.S Travel’s strategic planning process, Vance oversees U.S. Travel’s finance, legal, technology and human resources departments.