Training Videos

These training videos pertain to our primary issues featured at 2019's Destination Capitol Hill. New videos for 2020's Destination Capitol Hill will be found on this page in Spring 2020.

Renew Brand USA

Brand USA is the highly successful public-private partnership which promotes the U.S. as a travel destination and communicates official visa and entry policies to international leisure and business travelers – all at no cost to the taxpayer. That’s because Brand USA is funded by the fee that is paid by international travelers coming to the U.S. and matched 1:1 by the travel industry. Learn why Congress should renew this important program this year.

Rename and Expand the Visa Waiver Program

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) is the gold standard in travel security because the program requires heightened security operations, increased information sharing and advanced screening of all travelers from 38 participating countries. In 2017, 23 million travelers arrived in the U.S. from VWP countries and generated $190 billion in economic activity. Although several countries are close to meeting the strict standards of the VWP, a new country hasn’t been added since 2012. Learn why policymakers should rename the VWP to the Secure Travel Partnership to better describe the security features of the program, and then expand the program to additional qualified countries. 

Invest in Infrastructure

There is insufficient investment across all modes of transportation. Growing congestion discourages travel to and within the U.S. Investments are needed to improve travel mobility. Learn about U.S. Travel’s infrastructure priorities, so you can better inform policymakers about the need to prioritize people and mobility in an infrastructure package. 

Fix our National Parks

Our National Parks welcome millions of visitors who spend billions of dollars in and around the 417 national parks. Visitation in and around our parks provides positive economic impact for the surrounding communities, but unfortunately as visitation increases, so does wear and tear on park infrastructure and facilities. National parks are facing a nearly $12 billion deferred maintenance backlog of projects that threaten to slow or halt visitation to our natural treasures and cultural wonders. Learn why and how Congress can and should address the deferred maintenance backlog.