America’s Open Skies agreements with 100+ countries worldwide have led to lower fares, healthy competition and higher passenger growth.

Quick Facts

Open Skies agreements have been critical in America’s efforts to capture a share of the highly lucrative international travel market. The Trump administration has made it clear that these agreements are here to stay—yet some major U.S. carriers and their allies continue to demand the U.S. government upend Open Skies by freezing or blocking new routes to the U.S. from international carriers. 

U.S. Travel will continue to defend Open Skies, and advocate for healthy competition that gives global travelers more options—and helps support millions of American jobs through increased travel.  


Preserve Open Skies Agreements

Given the tremendous economic benefits of Open Skies, Congress and the administration must continue to preserve existing Open Skies agreements and reject any calls for a renegotiation or these agreements or freeze on routes from the Gulf carriers.

Expand Air Service

Protecting existing Open Skies agreements will eliminate government control over airline routing, flight frequency and pricing and continue to increase connectivity that encourages travel. This lowers fares for travelers and provides access to more flights.

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