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NEW: A Study of Lodging Charges and Revenue Allocation Across the U.S.

Presented by the U.S. Travel Association and Civitas, on February 22, 2018

While the industry understands the importance of tourism promotion and the significant impacts the travel industry has on the broad economy, destinations often need to justify their existence and convince legislatures of travel promotion’s virtuous cycle.

This comprehensive study of lodging charges and allocation of revenues from taxes and assessments on lodging covers 100 U.S. travel destinations. This report, which was commissioned by the Destinations Council, serves as a tool for destinations to advocate for consistent or increasing investment in tourism by comparing their destination’s situation to others and track expenditures and rates over time. This study:

  • Breaks down the spending of lodging charges to show how much is spent on tourism and how much is allocated to general funds and other categories.
  • Determine the amount of revenue raised by lodging charges, including home sharing rentals.
  • Provide current tax and assessment rates for lodging and food and beverage transactions.

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A Study of Lodging Charges and Revenue Allocation Across the U.S.

Presented by Civitas, on November 9, 2017

It is difficult to overstate the importance of tourism to the U.S. economy. Tourism employs more than 10 percent of American private sector workers. It accounts for 11 percent of the nation’s service exports, and creates vital economic ties and cultural affinities that bridge state and national borders.

In partnership with the U.S. Travel Association’s Destinations Council, John Lambeth, president and CEO, Civitas, brings you a detailed webinar revealing the findings and conclusions of an extensive study conducted on 100 U.S. travel destinations and their lodging charges. This webinar provides you with credible, useful data about how cities allocate lodging-charge revenue to support and market tourism. This webinar also:

  • Details how the study provides benchmarks for evaluating appropriations.
  • Provides a foundation for future efforts to track tax monies raised and evaluate spending trends.
  • Serves as a resource for DMOs to compare their destination to others and track expenditures and rates over time.
  • Shows how the study can be a resource for DMOs in advocating for greater investment in tourism and understanding their positions compared to other destinations.

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