Developed to enhance the member experience throughout the year, the National Council of Attractions and Experiences Webinar Series features topics of great interest and relevance to the travel experience audience.

Click here to access NCAE's State of In-Destination Study white papers and executive summary.

The Path to Purchase 
Presented by NCAE and Arival
September 4, 2019

This webinar will take a deep dive into the third newly-released white paper about search, booking and the rise of last-minute decision making:
The Path to Purchase for Attractions and Experiences
Arival presents an overview of the traveler’s path to purchase, the ever-changing booking window and how to adapt to the rise of the last-minute booker. You also hear from two attractions, who provide case studies on marketing strategies used to navigate the traveler’s path to purchase.

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The State of the In-Destination Industry & the Travelers it Serves
Presented by NCAE and Arival
August 7, 2019

This webinar takes a deep dive into the first two newly-released white papers of a four-part research series:
1. The State of In-Destination - An overview of the in-destination sector and its customers.
2. What Your Customers Want - A summary of what travelers want from their in-destination experiences, and future trends. 
Arival presents an overview of the in-destination industry and the travelers it serves. You will also hear from an attraction and DMO, who provide case studies on how to apply this research.
Here are six things you will learn on this webinar:
1. Essential insights on in-destination travelers and what they value.
2. The role attractions and experiences play in travel decisions.
3. Case Study: Collaboration opportunities for experience providers and destination marketers to improve visitor experience and drive more in-destination spend.
4. The key shifts in traveler trends, and where they’re headed.
5. The important differences across source markets.
6. Case Study: Actionable guidance on how attractions can adapt their products to these key traveler trends. 
In addition to the knowledge you will gain from this study, it has been created to educate those less familiar with the specifics and importance of activities to the traveler.

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