Economic Impact Reports

Over 25 years of proven experience

The U.S. Travel Association is available to create custom economic impact reports at the national, regional, and local level, which may just give you the edge you need to justify either maintaining or increasing your program’s budget. Your organization would benefit from U.S. Travel’s expertise in determining:

  • Travel expenditures for the area of interest
  • Travel generated impacts on employment, payroll and federal, state and local tax revenue
  • Detailed analysis of 18 travel categories, including lodging, food, retail, public transportation, auto transportation, and amusement/recreation
  • Economic impact of various types of travel, such as:

1) business and leisure
2) by transportation mode
3) by type of accommodations used
4) by other trip and traveler characteristics



The U.S. Travel Association can estimate the economic impact of travel down to the county level, and our custom research is designed so that economic impact data can be compared across all fifty states and the District of Columbia, thereby allowing states and localities to assess their market share nationally, regionally or within the state.  Furthermore, U.S. Travel custom economic impact data can be used to evaluate travel and tourism’s economic contributions to the economy in comparison to other industries. 

Trusted Results

Join the approximately 20 states currently contracting with U.S. Travel's Research Department annually.  U.S. Travel Association custom studies are competitively priced and prepared as soon as local input data are provided.

The U.S. Travel Association Research Department would be happy discuss the ways in which our customizable research can benefit your organization. For further information, contact us at 202.408.2158 or send email to