Monthly Travel Statistics in ITA presents national-level travel statistics and comparable economy-wide data on a monthly basis.

The Monthly Travel Statistics includes country-level data on international visitations to the U.S.

In total, five key areas are included:

  • Employment (travel employment and total non-farm employment)
  • International Visitation (volume and 12-month % change by country)
  • International Trade (travel exports and total exports)
  • Inflation (Travel Price Index and Consumer Price Index)
  • Travel Trends Index (produced by the U.S. Travel Association together with Oxford Economic to measure the direction and pace of travel volume to and within the United States). 

Monthly visitation data is available from 2015, employment and trade data is available from 2000, inflation data is available from 1985, and Travel Trends Index data goes back to 2005.

All data is updated monthly and can be manipulated, displayed and downloaded for analysis through a variety of tools.

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