The second webinar in the 'Research POV' series covered an overview of the state of the U.S. economy in 2017, how travel fared last year and our near-term predictions for what to expect for the travel industry in 2018 based on key drivers of the economy. 

Though 2017 was an unprecedented year amidst U.S. policy uncertainty and a volatile global economy, the U.S. economy remained fairly strong. America’s GDP continued to improve with record low unemployment, surging consumer confidence and the value of the dollar and inflation stabilizing.

The following was covered during the webinar:

  • Overview of how the U.S. economy, labor market and the travel industry (including both domestic and international inbound) performed in 2017.
  • Updates on key economic and travel indicators such as consumer confidence, global GDP and the dollar, and how they impacted the travel industry.
  • Insights into how we expect key drivers influencing domestic leisure, business and international inbound to perform in 2018.

Access full webinar recording.