U.S. Travel is monitoring recent developments regarding the Zika virus and its potential impact on travel and tourism. After months of urging legislators to act, the travel community is relieved that Congress passed a short-term resolution that includes $1.1 billion in emergency funding to combat Zika. 

Following the first reported cases of Zika infections in Florida likely caused by local mosquitoes, the CDC issued a notice specific to women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant to avoid unnecessary travel to a 0.5-square-mile area of Wynwood and an area in Miami Beach. For perspective, that's two square miles of a state that covers more than 65,000 square miles. On September 19, CDC updated guidance for the Wynwood-designated area after three mosquito incubation periods passed without any new locally transmitted cases of Zika in the neighborhood. Find the latest Zika travel information from CDC

On October 19, the CDC updated its travel and testing guidance to include red and yellow area designations:

  • Zika active transmission area (red area): Current red areas, which CDC officials have determined that the intensity of Zika virus transmission presents a significant risk to pregnant women, include a 4.5-square-mile area of Miami Beach and a 1-square-mile area of little River in Miami-Dade County, Fla. 
  • Zika cautionary area (yellow area): Apart from the 5.5-square-miles identified above, the rest of Miami-Dade County is considered a yellow area, where local transmission has been identified, but evidence is lacking that the intensity of transmission is comparable to that in the red area. 

The World Health Organization has publicly cautioned against instituting travel or trade bans in response to the Zika virus, even as the organization declared the outbreak to be a public health emergency. 

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