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April 17, 2014

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The Day Off Deficit

According to the latest Travel Effect study of nearly 1,000 U.S. workers, while three in four employees earn paid time off as part of job benefits, they left 429 million of those days off unused in 2013. Breaking those numbers down, Oxford Economics found that an average of 3.2 days of earned time off was left on the table per American worker. Visit to learn more about our “Day Off Deficit” and discover the countless ways time off positively impacts our health, relationships and professional lives.

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IPW’s Economic Impact Rivals Super Bowl

Compelling new analysis on the value and economic impact of IPW shows that the annual event delivers significant dividends for the United States and the host city. The study, conducted by Rockport Analytics, reveals that business conducted at IPW will generate $4.7 billion in future travel to the U.S., bringing 8.8 million international visitors – a powerful effect that rivals that of other high-impact national events like the Super Bowl.

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Major Investments in Air Travel System Needed to Avoid Serious Delays and Economic Harm

Two companion studies, released Wednesday by the U.S. Travel Association and the Eno Center for Transportation, reveal that U.S. air travel infrastructure is in such bad shape that Thanksgiving-like passenger congestion will be a year-round reality at nearly all of the top 50 U.S. airports within the decade.

Read Thanksgiving in the Skies

Read Addressing Future Capacity Needs in the U.S. Aviation System

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U.S. Entry: Gateway to Jobs & Growth

U.S. Travel published a new report “Gateway to Jobs & Growth” that examines the effect the U.S. entry process has on the U.S. economy. In addition to identifying current problems, it contains 20 policy recommendations on how to improve the entry experience for international travelers coming to the U.S. and to better support hard-working officers at CBP who keep our nation secure.

Read the "Gateway to Jobs & Growth" report



More than One-Third of U.S. House Co-Sponsors JOLT Act

150 bipartisan members now back bill to attract more international visitors and their spending.

Travel Industry Hits All-Time Employment High

David Huether, senior vice president of research and economics at the U.S. Travel Association, provides analysis on today's Labor Department employment report.

Travel Exports Edge Down In February Following a Late-'13 Surge

Following a December surge, travel exports edged down for a second consecutive month in February, falling $0.2 billion to a level of $15.6 billion in February.

Flight Cancellations from Latest Storm Cost Economy $95 Million

Economists have concluded research finding that the cancellation of one U.S. domestic flight for weather-related reasons costs $31,600 in passengers’ lost economic activity.

U.S. Travel Unveils Multi-Year Initiative to Boost Americans' Use of Paid Time Off

More than 420 million unused days of leave cost U.S. economy $160 billion in 2013.

America's Travel Community Welcomes Chile to Visa Waiver Ranks

Chile joins 37 other nations in program to quicken U.S. entry process.

Study: Unused Time Off Harms U.S. Productivity, Broader Economy

Ability or willingness to take time off hampered by complex dynamics between managers and employees.

STUDY: International Travel Trade Show's Economic Impact Rivals Super Bowl

A comparison of the economic impact of the 2013 IPW event with a similar study of the 2012 Super Bowl shows that, while the Super Bowl attracted more attendees, the measurable total impact of IPW is longer—three years as opposed to four days—and significantly larger across key economic categories.

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