Investing in modern infrastructure will grow travel, create jobs and bolster the U.S. economy.

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Within the next five years, most major interstate corridors in the U.S. will experience Labor Day levels of traffic on a daily basis. In their current state, our highways, bridges and transit and passenger rail systems are not equipped to deal with this expected growth, which has the potential to deter travel within the U.S. costing the economy billions from last spending.  

U.S. Travel urges Congress and the administration to properly invest in in our roads, bridges and transit systems to improve efficient access to cities, hotels, attractions and other travel businesses—and grow American jobs. 


Prioritize investments that enhance commercial and personal mobility to and within the United States

Congress should ensure that discretionary grant programs provide specific consideration for projects that achieve the goals of the National Travel Infrastructure Strategy.

Ensure funding accounts for highly trafficked destinations and commercial centers

Funding should account for national and regional traveler data in the development of formula factors—not just census data, which does not take into account areas of the U.S. that receive large amounts of commercial and personal travel.

Embrace new and transformative transportation technologies

Congress should ensure that any new and expanded investments in transportation infrastructure award a portion of discretionary funds to support developments of new and innovative modes of transportation and infrastructure.

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