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October 6, 2015

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New Project: Time Off Research, The Work Martyr's Affair

Do everyday work decisions line up with Americans' ideal of putting family first? Project: Time Off’s newest study, "The Work Martyr's Affair: How America’s Lost Week Quietly Threatens Our Relationships" shows American workers don't make quality time as big of a priority as we would like to, and our families' understanding of "work emergencies" isn’t the same as liking them.

Read the full report here

Explore the upside of downtime


ESTO 2015

U.S. Travel’s Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations (ESTO) will be held in Portland, Ore. this August 23-25. ESTO is the only national forum where tourism destination professionals at the state, region and local level get critical tools, tips and information to help them better market and grow their destinations.

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Future IPW Host Cities

IPW is the largest travel trade show in North America—a one-stop opportunity for U.S. destinations, attractions and businesses to showcase themselves to thousands of influential travel professionals from international markets. Check out where IPW is headed in the years to come!

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Learn more about the record-breaking 2015 IPW


Brand USA Renewed: Win-Win for Travel and U.S. Economy

Our national destination marketing organization gained five-year reauthorization with bipartisan support from Congress, paving the way for Brand USA to continue attracting record numbers of international travelers to the U.S.—a positive boost that delivers powerful economic impact for all 50 states and creates American jobs.

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Learn more about the benefits of Brand USA


Visa Waiver Program

The U.S. travel community evaluates every travel-related policy through the lens of safety and security first and foremost. We strongly believe, as do an overwhelming majority of national security experts, that the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) is a pivotal contributor to national security—protecting the American homeland and public through individualized pre-screening of travelers, greater information sharing, enhanced international partnerships with law enforcement and intelligence services, and more.

Learn more about the security benefits of the Visa Waiver Program here


Travel Exports

When one thinks of an "export," one normally thinks of objects that are boxed and loaded onto container ships in Galveston or Long Beach, like manufacturing or agricultural products. But since it involves the consumption of U.S. goods and services with foreign currency, international travel and tourism falls into the "export" category as well—and it greatly outperforms most other U.S. industries in that capacity, according to a new study from the U.S. Travel Association.

Learn more about the Export Report

Read the full study "Travel Exports: Driving Economic Growth and Creating American Jobs"

Dow: Don’t Raid TSA Fees for Non-Security Items

U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow issued the following statement on a House provision that raids TSA fees to pay for items in the surface transportation bill ...

Travel Leaders Decry Airline Capacity Cuts Amid Soaring Profits

U.S. Travel's President and CEO Roger Dow reacted to American Airlines' announcement that it will slow its intended growth in total seat capacity—news that sent its shares 4-percent higher by Friday's trading close—while at the same time reporting first-quarter profits that doubled ...

Record Airline Fees Spurred by Bad Tax Policy

U.S. Travel's President and CEO Roger Dow issued the following statement on reports that U.S. airlines reaped record revenues from ancillary fees (checked bags, ticket changes, etc.) in 2014 ...

Fix Aviation Infrastructure, Cut Taxes on Flyers, Travel Leaders Urge

More than a hundred major travel-related companies and organizations, 117 to be exact, are urging congressional leaders to cut taxes on air travelers and move to a user-fee model for infrastructure financing as part of the forthcoming FAA reauthorization.

Travel Employment Achieves Record High of 8.1 Million

"Employment in the travel industry is on a roll. Following a gain of 32,500 jobs in May—the largest monthly gain in nearly three years," says U.S. Travel's Senior Vice President of Research David Huether.

U.S. Travel Praises Obama and Rousseff’s Commitment to Facilitating Travel

U.S. Travel's President and CEO Roger Dow issued the following statement on U.S. President Barack Obama and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s joint communique renewing their commitment to expanding visa-free travel ...

July 4 Travelers Expected to Spend $15.8 Billion

Travelers hitting the road and skies this Fourth of July holiday weekend are expected to spend big, according to economists at the U.S. Travel Association. Each American traveling 50 miles or more is projected to spend $378, up 1 percent from 2014.

U.S. Travel Alarmed by Airfare Collusion Allegation

U.S. Travel's President and CEO Roger Dow issued the following statement reacting to reports that the U.S. government is investigating possible collusion among major airlines to limit available seats, which keeps airfares high ...

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The travel industry's premier international marketplace where buyers and sellers conduct appointment based business - June 18-22, 2016, in New Orleans. Learn More





U.S. Travel Barometer

Aggregated exclusively for U.S. Travel, this forward-looking monthly report measures travel intent based on 30 billion global online lodging searches from 5,000 consumer travel websites. Learn More

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