General Membership Questions

Can anyone join the U.S. Travel Association?

U.S. Travel Association Members are organizations in or related to the travel industry. All membership applications are subject to review by the U.S. Travel Membership Staff. Please note receipt of payment with the application does not constitute an approved membership application.

How do I join U.S. Travel? 

Apply online or email us to request an application and invoice. U.S. Travel accepts payment via credit card, check and wire transfer. Membership begins upon receipt of full payment and approval.

How are membership dues determined? 

Investment amount is based on corporate revenue (travel service providers and allied/affiliates) or budget (destinations and travel associations).  It is the responsibility of the member organization to review the investment structure each year to ensure proper dues are being paid. 

Can my annual membership dues increase?

 U.S. Travel's Board of Directors has approved an annual (perpetual) 2.5% increase in dues, implemented at their discretion.

How do I renew my membership? 

The renewal statements are mailed and emailed to the main contact in November of each year. Renewal payments can be mailed or paid online (by the main contact only). Contact membership for more information.

Is membership renewed annually?

Yes, membership is renewed annually and runs for the calendar year of January 1 - December 31.

Is there just one membership level?  

U.S. Travel offers five levels of membership: Pillar, Sustaining, Association Board, Board and Chairman's Circle. Learn more about the benefits of each level, along with investment amount.

What type of organizations are included in the allied segment?

Allied members are organizations that support the travel industry, but may not have travel as sole focus, such as advertising firms, consultants, media, public relations firms, research firms, universities/libraries, and travel related goods/services.

How do I get information about my local chapter? 

U.S. Travel is a national organization with no local chapters. However, our members can be found in all states and U.S. Territories by searching the online membership directory.

Benefit Questions

How do I gain access to the website and benefits?

Individuals of member organizations can gain access to the member’s only section of the website by logging in using your U.S. Travel ID (business email address). If you do not know/forgot your password please reset it here.  If you do not have a user account, you can establish one by contacting Membership.

How do I access my member account and view my member benefits?

Log in, visit your profile and view your benefits.  

What are the benefits of each level of membership?

For a side-by-side comparison of the five levels of membership, find an overview of U.S. Travel membership levels here

Who in my organization is eligible to receive member benefits? 

Membership is organizational with one staff member named as the point of contact. However, anyone employed by the organization is eligible to receive discounts on event registration fees and publications, along with access to exclusive online statistics and tools.

Can I use the U.S. Travel logo on my website?  

With prior written approval, U.S. Travel member organizations may use the U.S. Travel member logo for the sole purpose of acknowledging their membership. The logo may not suggest an endorsement of products or services being offered by members. The use of the logo must immediately cease when membership is inactive or at the request of U.S. Travel. Contact us to learn more and to request permission to use the U.S. Travel member logo.  

What is the National Council of State Tourism Directors (NCSTD) and how do I know if my organization is a member?

The National Council of State Tourism Directors is a subgroup within U.S. Travel’s membership to better service the needs of the State Tourism Directors (NCSTD). If your organization falls into one of this group, your organization is automatically a member of the Council. 

Making Changes to Your Membership Questions

The information listed in the membership directory is incorrect. How do I update it?

Email us with the correct information.  Note that a change in organization name may impact your dues level.

The person who handled the membership is no longer with the organization - what do I do? 

Contact the U.S. Travel membership department for assistance.