Travel remains the hardest hit industry, and the recovery is uneven across sectors.

The explosive return of leisure travel has served as a lifeline for the travel industry, but it is not enough. Supporting sustained growth of domestic leisure travel, in addition to an urgent restart of business and international travel, is key to a full economic recovery.  

U.S. Travel led successful advocacy efforts to develop and pass federal measures to aid the travel and tourism industry’s recovery, including funding to enable the resumption of marketing and promotion to leisure travelers.

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Our view: Domestic leisure travel has recovered to 2019 levels, however, had the pandemic not occurred the economic benefits of domestic leisure travel would be much higher.

The data shows: In 2024, travel spending across all segments will still significantly lag pre-pandemic forecasts and according to the most recent projections domestic leisure travel spending will still be 13% below pre-pandemic forecasts.

The bottom line: The travel industry’s full economic recovery should be measured by when travel spending and jobs reach the same levels we would had achieved if the pandemic had not occurred. 



By June 1, develop benchmarks and timelines for a pathway to the new normal that repeals pandemic-focused travel restrictions.

Send a clear message to the American public and the world that it is safe to travel again, particularly for vaccinated individuals.

Pass the Omnibus Travel and Tourism Act of 2021, which would elevate travel policymaking across the government.



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