Driven by Tourism Economics' travel forecasting model, the latest U.S. Travel Forecast projects the following:

  • Domestic leisure travel is “normalizing” in 2023 with a general return to pre-pandemic trends expected in 2024 and beyond
  • Domestic business travel is expected to continue its recovery, but at a more tempered rate than previously forecasted, largely due to economic conditions
    • Business volume is not expected to recover until 2025 and inflation-adjusted spending is not expected to recover within the range of the forecast
  • International inbound travel’s recovery will strengthen, exceeding our previous expectations, thanks very strong growth out of Canada as well as stronger recovery expectations from key overseas markets such as Brazil and China
    • Nevertheless, inbound travel is not expected to fully recover until 2025

To complement the travel forecast table, U.S. Travel has released an accompanying background report, now in a slide deck format, which provides context to the latest projections. This document, which appears on the right under "downloads", is available exclusively to U.S. Travel members.

Summer 2023 Forecast Background Report

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