The travel community congratulates TSA on this milestone, and hopes to see continued growth for this valuable expedited screening program.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced a significant milestone Wednesday: more than five million people have enrolled in TSA PreCheck, the agency’s flagship trusted traveler program, since the first application center opened in December 2013.

That’s five million pre-vetted flyers allowed to keep their shoes and belts on, and their laptops and liquids in their bags while going through airport security checkpoints—and make flying safer and more efficient for everyone while they’re at it.

TSA PreCheck, which allows pre-approved travelers to use expedited security screening lanes at TSA checkpoints, is a major boon for security and travel facilitation. Members of the program are vetted in advance of their travels, having submitted fingerprints and undergone an extensive background check as part of their application. Moving these low-risk flyers quickly through checkpoints, as Acting Administrator Huban Gowadia stated this week, strengthens security “by growing the trusted traveler population,” freeing officers to focus flyers who are less known.  

TSA now operates more than 390 PreCheck application centers nationwide, including locations at 44 U.S. airports. The great thing about the program is that it was meant to grow and expand as it enrolls more people. As we’ve often said, the more eligible flyers enter this program, the better TSA PreCheck—and the flying experience as a whole—will be for all air travelers in America.

We congratulate TSA on enrolling five million people in PreCheck—and will continue to actively support the growth of this valuable program. 

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