Experiences are what travelers remember the most about their trips. The Experience Network works to educate, connect and advocate for America’s best experiences, so visitors keep coming back.

Despite media reports that Millennials have laid claim to them, experiences have been the primary motivator for U.S. leisure travelers of all ages for decades. From historic landmarks to national parks, amusement parks to shopping, concerts to outdoor adventures, experiences are an integral part of the U.S. Travel industry.

That’s why the U.S. Travel Association’s Experience Network works to help strengthen the American travel businesses that provide the most unforgettable experiences for visitors from both in and out of the country. 

The Experience Network is a council within U.S. Travel that represents more than 900 members from organizations including national parks, historic landmarks, shopping centers, entertainment venues, sightseeing tours, amusement parks and other world-class attractions. 

The council aims above all to educate and connect its members to each other, while advocating for them on a national level. Some recent examples of the council’s work:

  • Educate: The council provides educational opportunities to its members by bringing dynamic speakers and attractions-specific content to experiences at various conferences and events. Recently, Experience Network members were able to attend an exclusive session at Travel Exchange ’17 hosted by marketing expert Jay Baer, where they learned how to make the most of customer complaints.
  • Connect: The council connects the attractions and experiences industry by creating meet-and-greet and reception events in conjunction with industry conferences throughout the year. These include the meet-and-greet event at North American Journeys’ RTO Summit East this past April, and at the Arival Conference on September 26 (where some council members will be on a panel during one of the educational sessions).  
  • Advocate: The council leverages the collective strength of the experience industries by attending the U.S. Travel Association’s Destination Capitol Hill, championing the work of Brand USA and giving an industry voice to U.S. Travel’s key initiatives by participating in local Travel Talks events with lawmakers.

Additionally, the Experience Network will also be hosting its fourth annual IPW Client Event this year in Denver, which honors top international travel buyers from around the world. We anticipate more than 150 attendees at this invite-only event at the Hard Rock Cafe Denver.

Whether they want to live like a local or shop ‘til they drop, visitors to the U.S. deserve the best experience possible. The Experience Network aims to strengthen the organizations behind those experiences, so travelers keep coming back to experience all our country has to offer. U.S. Travel members can get involved with the Experience Network by attending any of the council’s events or providing ideas for future educational or research opportunities for the attractions sector. To learn more, send us a note at councils@ustravel.org

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