We're pretty pleased with our site's new look, and even more excited about its new capabilities.

By now, you may have noticed that USTravel.org got a major overhaul. We’re pretty pleased with the new look—but we’re even more excited about how it showcases everything we’re up to, and helps you stay informed about the issues important to our industry.

First of all, you’ll notice the site’s overall design is responsive and much more intuitive. All of the site’s content integrates much more easily with our social media platforms, which enables easier sharing. It’s also mobile-friendly, since we know that many of our users are likely to be reading our updates, perusing our reports and checking up on various issues using their smartphones and tablets.

Visitors to our site will find that U.S. Travel’s policy issues and research reports are pushed to the forefront, with easy-to-locate tabs on the home page. The main issues for which we advocate on behalf of the U.S. travel industry are now explicitly stated, easier to navigate, and contain a wealth of information for those new to our policy areas. Explore what we’re doing to improve aviation and surface transportation infrastructure, preserve the Visa Waiver Program and more on the new Issues page.

Economic research is the backbone of our communications and policy efforts, and our new Research page highlights all of the excellent work being done each day by U.S. Travel’s economists. It’s now much easier to find the latest research reports, which are now better organized around what topics are most useful to our members. Users can quickly find and sort reports, data and charts by relevant categories. These are viewable based on a user’s member and subscription level, and by type of report, such as our Industry Answer Sheet, the Economic Impact Map, and the recently launched monthly Travel Trends Index. In summary, it’s now much easier for users browsing our research to filter, sort and find what they need.

For those who prefer bite-sized statistics about travel in the U.S., we’ve scattered Quick Facts throughout the site. On any given issue page or research summary, you may find a Quick Fact containing some helpful numbers.

Finally, our most substantial addition is the dedicated News & Commentary page. This is where you’ll find U.S. Travel’s official take on the news of the day, and updates on our key policy positions, industry events, calls to action and summaries of our most compelling research reports. News & Commentary houses all U.S. Travel press releases, videos and Friday Check-ins—and most importantly, original, highly shareable commentary in the form of our brand-new blog (without which you wouldn’t be reading this very post). Explore News & Commentary for easier access to and better leveraging of U.S. Travel’s voice on the most important travel policy topics.

In addition, the new site still showcases U.S. Travel’s other initiatives including the Power of Travel Coalition, Project: Time Off, and signature events such as Destination Capitol Hill and National Travel and Tourism Week.

Our website is the official home of resources about U.S. Travel’s efforts on behalf of members and the travel industry as a whole, so we take great pride in making it the best it can be. We look forward to continually evolving it to meet the needs of our membership, and using USTravel.org to highlight our association’s work for years to come.