Celebrate travel’s contributions during National Travel and Tourism Week, May 3-9.

Travel is more than just fun—it’s an industry that has a significant impact on nearly every sector across the U.S., a role to play in policies concerning trade, security and commerce and innumerable benefits for Americans nationwide. That’s why our theme for National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) this year, from May 3-9, is Travel Works. Every day during this week, we will highlight a different way that this theme rings true across America.


Travel Works for ALL of America

May 3: Travel Works for America

Each year, domestic and international travelers take billions of trips around the U.S. These long weekend trips to visit friends, time spent exploring our towns and cities, plans to catch a show, family beach vacations, day trips to a national park and business conferences add up to showcase the power of travel.

Use May 3 to celebrate how travel works for all of America.

May 4: Travel Works for New Adventures

For many, travel is synonymous with adventure. It’s a chance to explore a new area, learn a different perspective and expand your horizons beyond the familiar. In the U.S., we’re lucky. Every pocket of our country offers a unique experience for every travel style, whether that means getting outdoors-y in our national parks, living like a local in a different town or checking out the stadium in your home team’s rival city.

Use May 4 to celebrate how travel works for new adventures.

May 5: Travel Works for American Jobs

The travel industry creates jobs. Millions, in fact, across all 50 states and U.S. territories. As America’s seventh-largest employer, the travel industry directly employs nearly 9 million workers and supports a total of nearly 16 million. What’s more, travel-dependent leisure and hospitality is the largest small-business employer in the United States—and the jobs these small businesses create depend on spending by domestic and international visitors alike.

Use May 5 to celebrate how travel works for American jobs.

May 6: Travel Works for Our Economy

Travel is an economic powerhouse in every city, region and state, generating trillions in economic output and delivering a significant trade surplus for the U.S. Because both international and domestic travel drive significant economic activity, it’s critical for the industry to have a seat at the table when it comes to policies concerning trade, commerce and even security.

Use May 6 to celebrate how travel works for our economy.

May 7: Travel Works for Career Development

The skills cultivated working in the travel industry—dedication, confidence, leadership, communication and problem solving—are extremely valuable. A first job in travel can open doors to a lifelong career, offer flexibility to pursue education or raise a family, provide opportunities to reenter the workforce and even kickstart entrepreneurial endeavors.

Use May 7 to celebrate how travel works for career development.

May 8: Travel Works for Connecting Communities

Travel contributes to community development. Travel spending delivers billions in taxes, helping local governments pay the salaries of firefighters and public school teachers and invest in community improvements such as hospitals and youth programs. But travel also helps our communities stay connected to the world and each other—our welcoming smiles and endless hospitality unite us. 

Use May 8 to celebrate how travel works for connecting communities.

May 9: Travel Works for Creating Family Memories

Taking time off from your everyday routine is an opportunity to create new memories and strengthen family connections. Trips require focus: on planning, on what’s around you and on those you are with—in a word, they require being present. These are the moments that are the most rewarding: seeing the smile on your child’s face, reliving your honeymoon with your spouse or spending time with loved ones who live far away.

Use May 9 to celebrate how travel works for connecting communities.

A daily theme calendar with more details and ways to celebrate each day during NTTW will be available in our toolkit soon. Stay tuned for blog posts that delve into each of these themes over the next several weeks.

Ways to participate now:

  • Encourage others to save the date for NTTW by sharing how #TravelWorks for your town or business
  • Regularly check our toolkit for resources—including a forthcoming Daily Theme Calendar with ideas for how to celebrate every day of the week

We hope you join us May 3-9 to celebrate the many ways travel works for you, your family, your community and our country.

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