Improving TSA PreCheck, ensuring the protection of traveler privacy and providing travelers with a return on their investment in traveler fees are the keys to improving the TSA.

The TSA is essential to both the security and prosperity of the country.

That’s the central point I conveyed when I testified Thursday before the House Transportation and Protective Security Subcommittee. It is critical that the TSA operate like a well-oiled machine—the screening process must be secure and effective, and it must also be efficient so travelers are encouraged to take more trips.

Travel is vital to the economy, but unless both happen, the positive economic impact travel provides will be lost. Research has found that travelers would take between two and three more trips per year if there were fewer travel hassles, which would result in an additional $85 billion in spending and 888,000 more American jobs. We know that a robust and well-functioning TSA can help us get there. 

To greater improve the TSA and capitalize on benefits and confidence it can provide, U.S. Travel has made the following recommendations:

  • Improve and grow the TSA PreCheck
  • Reduce the cost of TSA PreCheck
  • Improve TSA PreCheck lane management
  • Increase the number of third-party prescreening companies
  • Redirect airline passenger fees to support TSA screening operations 

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