U.S. Travel hopes the addition of five new international airlines to TSA PreCheck will inspire even more travelers to enroll in this valuable expedited screening program, improving aviation security for all flyers.

The Transportation Security Administration announced today that it has expanded its flagship trusted traveler program to flyers on five new international airlines: All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Contour Aviation, Finnair and Korean Air. TSA PreCheck will now be available for enrolled passengers flying on these airlines.

TSA PreCheck makes flyers’ lives a little easier at the airport—and keeps everyone around them safer. With TSA PreCheck, pre-screened travelers (who have submitted fingerprints and undergone an extensive background check) can use expedited security lanes at TSA checkpoints. Moving these low-risk flyers quickly through security reduces crowds in airport waiting areas and, more importantly, allows TSA screeners to focus their attention on unknown travelers.

The more eligible flyers sign up for PreCheck, the safer and more efficient the air travel experience will be for all. The addition of new participating airlines to TSA PreCheck isn’t just great news for flyers and the travel community—it’s great news for our national security efforts as well.

U.S. Travel

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