Trusted traveler programs like TSA PreCheck are emerging as a consensus solution to airport security lines following weeks of intensive news coverage. To keep a focus on constructive solutions, the U.S. Travel Association released a survey Thursday suggesting PreCheck enrollment can be further spurred by a streamlined application process or a fee reduction.

PreCheck applications doubled from a daily average of 8,000 in April to 16,000 in May, according to several reports. U.S. Travel’s poll suggests that this success could be sustained long after the news stories subside.

U.S. Travel has recommended focusing on “Three Ps” in order for TSA to achieve its trusted-traveler program enrollment goal of 25 million: promotion, process and price.

“The intensive media coverage of the recent situation at airports has had the unintended consequence of effectively promoting PreCheck,” said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow. “Of course we wish security wait times had never reached a crisis point in the first place, but we’ve long felt that PreCheck is a godsend for TSA’s effectiveness—both on the security side and on the convenience side. Now, because of recent publicity, enrollment trajectories are finally taking off.”

Read U.S. Travel’s full PreCheck survey here.

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