U.S. Travel Association Executive Vice President for Public Affairs and Policy Tori Barnes issued the following statement on reports that Customs and Border Protection staffing shortages will disrupt Global Entry program interviews:

"The American travel community is deeply concerned that Customs and Border Protection staffing shortages will disrupt the Global Entry program, a critical tool for both travel facilitation and travel security.

"Global Entry has been a shining example of effective and innovative post-9/11 policymaking: a program that bolsters security by thoroughly pre-vetting entrants into the U.S., and simultaneously boosts economic activity by streamlining the entry process.

"Interruption of Global Entry interviews is an unsettling sign that resources for Homeland Security functions are not keeping pace with the shifting array of challenges that face the agency's important work.

"We need a broad and comprehensive national conversation about the reforms and investments that are needed to properly secure our entry points and transportation  systems. It's not just security that's at stake, but economic growth as well."

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