The U.S. Travel Association today announced an unprecedented effort to motivate American workers to use more of the paid time off they have earned.

The U.S. Travel Association today announced an unprecedented effort to motivate American workers to use more of the paid time off they have earned.

The initiative is based on recently released research from Oxford Economics that found Americans failed to use 429 million days of earned leave last year - just over three days per worker. This unused leave cost the U.S. economy $160 billion in spending that could support 1.2 million jobs in multiple industries, ranging from retail to manufacturing to transportation.

"This is an issue that goes well beyond the travel industry," said U.S. Travel President and CEO Roger Dow. "A growing body of evidence shows that when we fail to take the time off we have earned, we are less productive and creative at work, we put stress on our relationships, and we undermine our personal health and well-being. Our initiative is simple and straightforward: Americans aren't using all the days off they are entitled to and we have to change that."

U.S. Travel presented its strategy in a new report, entitled "The Day Off Dividend." At the heart of the initiative is a "research roadmap" identifying original research opportunities to prove the benefits of time off from work to mental and physical health, education, careers, relationships and even healthy aging. The plan also relies on:

Unique partnershipsoutside of travel, including engaging companies in the automotive, energy and retail industries, and research and academic organizations, non-profits and private foundations;

Experts and opinion leaders to carry key research findings and core messages to audiences interested in health, business or family issues;

A comprehensive media campaign, including a robust social media presence, dynamic website, earned media and targeted advertising.

Said Dow: "Today's announcement marks the start of a long-term strategy to transform public perceptions so that personal time off is understood as a business investment, an economic necessity and a path to stronger families and better personal health."

The effort is the first of its kind for the travel industry and aims to achieve nothing short of a cultural shift among American workers and employers. Over the next year, U.S. Travel intends to spark a national discussion by releasing a series of original research reports examining why American workers fail to use the time off they have earned and the negative impacts this creates.

"We're excited by the opportunity to engage other industries in this important cause," said Dow. "It's time we begin to understand that taking the time off we have earned is essential if we are to maintain our country's high levels of productivity and innovation."


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