Testing - U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow issued the following statement upon news that the Department of Homeland Security has lifted restrictions on large electronic devices on flights from all ten originally affected airports:

"This is obviously welcome news, from both a security and an economic standpoint.

"Effective security with minimal travel disruption is an exceedingly difficult policy challenge, and the federal government has exhibited consistent signs of improvement. In this case, DHS clearly articulated the new policy, then worked quickly with stakeholders to implement it and conduct the reviews that enabled the lifting of restrictions. The affected airports are to be congratulated for swiftly complying with the enhanced security standards announced on June 28, and we are glad that all passengers on these flights will be able to travel as safely and conveniently as possible.

"Confronting the challenges posed by the global security landscape appears to be a reality that is here to stay, but there are signs that disruptions to legitimate business and leisure travel are becoming shorter-lived with each new security protocol. Continuing this trend would be a momentous development for the U.S. job and export growth that are delivered by inbound international travel."


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Cathy Keefe Reynolds

Manager, Media Relations

Jamie Morris

Manager, Media Relations