Issue Emergency Response

Emergency Preparedness and Response: Zika Virus

U.S. Travel believes it is critically important to present the most accurate and timely information to its members and the traveling public regarding the Zika virus.

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National Park Centennial

The National Park Service preserves America’s natural and cultural treasures, attracting visitors from across the country and around the world. This year, they turn 100!

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National Travel and Tourism Week

The U.S. Travel Association provides a number of free, useful resources to help you plan and stage effective activities in support of National Travel and Tourism Week.

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happy family checking into airport

TSA Precheck

Comprehensive airport security screening is a critical requirement of the air travel experience.

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Travel Means Jobs

Travel provides answers to our country’s increasingly complex economic challenges. The travel industry not only sustains small businesses and communities, but also serves as a leading export and creates American jobs that cannot be outsourced.

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DCH Congressional Meetings

Meetings Mean Business

U.S. Travel has developed resources to help articulate the economic impact and business productivity of face-to-face meetings, events and conventions.

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