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Join the U.S. Travel government relations team as they walk through a detailed overview of the Coronavirus Relief Fund. Learn from your industry colleagues from across the country on how they are working to gain access to relief, distributing the dollars and maximizing the resources for recovery efforts. See for more guidance and resources.

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U.S. Treasury Department

Wyoming Office of Tourism

Experience Columbus

South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism


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In This Webinar
Tori Emerson Barnes is Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Policy, at the U.S. Travel Association, the leading voice for all segments of the U.S. travel and tourism industry. Barnes directs the association's public affairs and external facing strategy and engagement including government and political affairs, media and industry communications, marketing and research teams. View Profile ›
Angie Briggs is vice president of industry relations for the U.S. Travel Association. She is focused on engagement and growth across all member levels of the association. Briggs is a frequent traveler, spending time in-market collaborating with U.S. Travel’s national membership. View Profile ›


Guest Speakers

Diane Shober
Executive Director
Wyoming Office of Tourism

Duane Parrish
South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Brian Ross, CTA
President and CEO
Experience Columbus


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