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Impact of Sports on Travel

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More than 150 million individuals attended professional sporting events in 2018 across the five major sports leagues. What impact does attending and participating in sporting events have on the travel industry? 

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Travel and Trade Table

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A table featuring our top-10 trade partners that showcases the incredible—yet not very obvious—impact of international inbound travel on the U.S. trade balance.

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Travel and Trade (2018)

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An analysis of the incredible—yet not so obvious—impact of international inbound travel on the U.S. trade balance.

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Visa Waiver Program Eligibility Requirements

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Why does the Visa Waiver Program work for America?

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The Visa Waiver Program Makes America More Secure

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Expanding the Visa Waiver Program will strengthen security, grow our economy, create American jobs and improve our relationship with trusted allies.

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Visa Waiver Program: Making America More Secure


In 2017, 23 million travelers arrived through the VWP, whose spending generated $190 billion in economic activity and supported nearly one million jobs.

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Address National Parks Deferred Maintenance Backlog

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The National Park Service preserves America’s natural and cultural treasures, which attract visitors from across the country and around the world. 

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Renewing Brand USA Will Boost The U.S. Economy

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The U.S. travel industry generates $2.4 trillion in economic output, supports 15.6 million American jobs and generates a $77 billion trade surplus for the United States. When travel thrives, so does America.

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Fact Sheet: Global Travel Trends (2018)

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An overview of global travel trends and spending, focusing in particular on long-haul travel.

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State Tourism Office Budget Dashboard (FY 2017-18)

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An overview of the funding structure of the State Tourism Offices (STOs) in FY 2017-2018, and changes in funding compared to the prior fiscal year.

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