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Global Travel Review

Global Travel Review report image

An analysis of recent trends guiding the growth of global travel, and their effects on the United States as a major long-haul destination market. The following aspects of international travel are...

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The Work Martyr's Children: How Kids Are Harmed by America's Lost Week

Children on the Beach

Americans are taking less vacation than at any point in the last forty years—just 16 vacation days today, down from an average of over 20 days taken 15 years ago. America’s Lost Week is wiping out...

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Changing Demographics: Current Trends That Drive American Travel 2015

Changing Demographics: Current Trends That Drive American Travel 2015 Report Cover

Understand current travel trends and the U.S. demographics and economics driving those trends. Highlights include how the recession has impacted Millennials’ spending patterns, evolving travel...

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The Work Martyr's Affair: How America's Lost Week Quietly Threatens Our Relationships

Backpacking couple

A curious thing has happened in America. In less than 15 years, U.S. workers have lost a week of vacation time. For decades, Americans used more than 20 vacation days.

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Taking Travel in Hand: How Travelers Use Mobile Before & During a Trip

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At the end of 2014, the number of mobile devices exceeded the number of people on earth. With desktop online bookings on the decline, mobile is projected to continue to grow. Demand for mobile and...

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Thanksgiving in the Skies (2013)

media thanksgiving in the skies.png

This report examines passenger volume and growth data at the country’s top 30 airports to calculate how soon the average day of air travel will resemble Thanksgiving-like congestion.

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The Power of Travel Promotion (Spurring Growth, Creating Jobs)

media Creating jobs.png

This report includes new case studies and data
 on the positive return on investment that states and destinations have reaped from substantial travel promotion. The report provides valuable...

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Travel Exports: Driving Economic Growth and Creating American Jobs

media TRavel Exports.png

When one thinks of an "export," one normally thinks of objects that are boxed and loaded onto container ships in Galveston or Long Beach, like manufacturing or agricultural products. But since it...

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Brand USA: Working for all of U.S.

media Brand USA.png

Report that explores the economic benefits of Brand USA and the positive impact its reauthorization would have on the U.S.

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Visa Waiver Works: Expanding the U.S. Visa Waiver Program Brightens the American Economy and Safeguards Security

media VWP_Korea.png

The U.S. travel community evaluates every
 travel-related policy through the lens of safety
and security first and foremost. After all, without security, there is no travel. We strongly

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