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Travel Economic Impact Calculator (TEIC)

Plane, map and calculator

An interactive easy-to-use tool that shows the direct impact of a change in traveler spending on a state’s economy.

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Fact Sheet: Travel Creates Jobs

Travel is essential to the American economy, providing an indispensable source of job creation. The travel industry is unique: it is highly dependent on human labor, generally immune to outsourcing and plays a key role in international trade. 

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The Economic Review of Travel in America, 2017 Edition

Analysis of current and historical measurements of the U.S. travel industry, including domestic and international inbound travel volume and the impact of travel on the U.S. economy.

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Travel: America's Unsung Hero of Job Creation

Travel: America's Unsung Hero of Job Creation Report Cover

Travel is fundamental to the American way of life; Americans took 2.2 billion person trips in 2016. Travel is equally essential to the American economy and an indispensable source for job creation...

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Fact Sheet: Domestic Travel (2016)

Overview of domestic travel in the United States including leisure and business breakouts. 

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Under-Vacationed America: An Analysis of the States and Cities that Need to Take A Day

Despite improvement in Americans' vacation habits last year, half (54%) of employees still left time on the table. The implications of our...

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The State of American Vacation 2017

Americans are using more vacation time after more than a decade of decline according to Project: Time Off's latest report,...

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Impact of Travel on State Economies, 2016 Edition

Economic impact statistics (travelers’ expenditures, travel-generated employment, payroll income and tax revenues) for the nation, each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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Preserving Open Skies

LAX at Sunset

An explanation of U.S. Travel's position on (and the details behind) the changes being proposed by the U.S. legacy airlines along with an understanding about how Open Skies benefits travelers and...

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