Domestic leisure travel was the first to return as Americans ease back into travel.

The explosive return of leisure travel has served as a lifeline for the travel industry, but it is not enough. Supporting sustained growth of domestic leisure travel, in addition to an urgent restart of business and international travel, is key to a full economic recovery.  

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In September of 2021 and in response to the need for jumpstarting leisure travel demand, U.S. Travel and a coalition of more than 75 businesses and organizations, including many of the most recognizable U.S. brands from both within and outside the travel sector responded to the need for jumpstarting leisure travel demand by launching the Let’s Go There Campaign—a national and industrywide initiative to inspire Americans to do what is exciting, safe and productive: make plans to travel. 

Thousands of organizations from across the nation engaged to spread the Let's Go There message, generating 836 million impressions through social and digital channels, 416 million video views and 847 million impressions from online, TV and print media. 

Domestic leisure travel continues to be critical to the recovery of not only travel, but also the U.S. economy as a whole. For current metrics on leisure travel, see our monthly data report



Pass the Hospitality and Commerce Job Recovery Act (S.477 and H.R.1346)

Create tax credits and deductions to help facilitate a stable recovery

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