How will consumers experience anxiety, hopefulness and optimism as they enter a new normal? This Data & Insights webinar discusses the state of the pandemic and the economic, social and personal factors impacting American mindsets—plus, the types of messaging that may resonate with consumers as they continue to cope, adapt and assimilate into the world again. 

Featured presenters: 

  • Menaka Gopinath, president, communities and social intelligence analytics service, Ipsos
  • Christopher Moessner, senior vice president, polling and thought leadership, public affairs service, Ipsos
  • Mallory Newall, director, public affairs, Ipsos


Key Takeaways via Ipsos: 

  • The New Normal might mean “no normal” for a bit of time – meeting folks where they are right now—do what works for me and the safety of others; but there is hope and optimism among many in the US that reopening and getting to some new normal is coming.
  • Interest in travel and planning for taking a trip is rising slowly, but steadily—driven by the reduction of fear and perceived risk as the vaccine rollout continues.
  • Vaccine(s) adoption/trust is one step for getting back; another is having members over-communicate/communicate about how best to arrive prepared for time spent AND that they are ready to receive them in the healthiest ways possible.


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