With 77.5 million international visitations, the U.S. is—by far—the single largest destination for global long-haul travel, and the second-largest destination for overall global travel.

A summary of International Inbound Travel to the U.S. (2015) offers an overview and illustration of the United States' top inbound visitation markets in 2015, and an International Arrivals Cartogram (2015) graphically sizes all countries according to the volume of their residents' visitations to the United States. Travel Exports (2015) offers an overview of spending by international visitors to the U.S., and World Travel (2015) summarizes global travel trends and spending, focusing in particular on long-haul travel.

Top 20 Inbound Markets (2015) and Top 20 Travel Export Markets (2015) rank top inbound travel markets to the U.S. by visitation and spending.

Individual country profiles are available for key inbound markets and can be accessed by clicking on the links below. They describe U.S. visitations and overall travel trends for each country, economic impact of U.S. visitations, travel forecasts, and key events that impact travel to the U.S.

Countries with updated 2015 summary reports include:

Countries with full reports include: