National Council of Attractions and Experiences (NCAE) has collaborated with Arival on a unique, four-part study about traveler attitudes and behaviors called, "The State of In-Destination."

This comprehensive study provides insights on the in-destination experience to help creators and sellers of attractions, activities, events and tours understand key trends and drivers around traveler behavior. 

Arival fielded an online survey to 1,000 adult travelers (18+) from each of the following markets: France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. The respondents from each market took a trip 100+ miles from home that included an overnight stay and a qualifying in-destination experience within the past year. The following analysis relates to those travelers who traveled within or to the United States (U.S. domestic and international inbound).

This research has been divided up into a four-part white paper series based on the following topics:

  1. The State of In-Destination
    The first report presents an overview of the in-destination sector and its customers
  2. What Your Customers Want
    The second report presents an overview of what travelers want from their in-destination experiences, and future trends. 
  3. The Path to Purchase for Attractions and Experiences
    The third report presents an overview of a traveler's search and booking behavior.
  4. The State of Digital In-Destination
    The fourth report presents an overview of technology and distribution trends. 

Become familiar with the report by reading through the Executive Summary.

The first two white papers will be released mid-July.

Register for the first webinar that will take place on August 7!

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NCAE State of In-Destination Figure 1

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The Percent of Travelers Who Engage in Tours, Activities, Attractions or Events

NCAE State of In-Destination Figure 2

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Number of Experiences Booked by Trip

NCAE State of In-Destination Figure 3

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The Importance in Overall Trip Planning by Activity

NCAE State of In-Destination Figure 4

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Memory of Trip Components