In an effort to provide a holistic analysis on consumer travel, each quarter we’ll bring together results from our Ipsos Consumer Survey and Business Travel Tracker. These quarterly insights provide a more in-depth look at consumer priorities, travel expectations, behavior and shifts in traveler trends, all within the context of an evolving macroeconomic environment.

Ipsos Consumer Survey

The Ipsos Consumer Survey aims to better understand near-term expectations and identify pain points keeping travelers at home or traveling less frequently that need to be addressed to create a more seamless and secure end-to-end travel experience.

Business Travel Tracker

In partnership with JD Power and Tourism Economics, U.S. Travel’s Business Travel Tracker monitors the importance of business travel as well as current activity and near-term expectations.

Latest Insights Include:

  • The air travel experience is sub-par for nearly half of Americans: Just one in 10 Americans who have flown by air (13%) rate their overall travel experience as excellent while nearly half (45%) rate it as average or below average
    • Flight delays or cancellations, crowds and congestion, airport security process and cumbersome travel logistics were the main contributors to a below average travel experience.
  • Approximately half of Americans and nearly two-thirds of business travelers are comfortable sharing biometric data with TSA to get through security, board an airplane or check in for a flight if it resulted in a more seamless, secure and efficient travel experience.
  • Business travelers are expected to take more trips in the next six months as respondents highlight growing benefits from face-to-face meetings despite lingering cost constraints and company travel policies.
  • Even though business travel spending is steadily increasing, budgets remain lower than 2019 levels for all types of business travel.
  • More executives in Q4 consider business travel essential (81%) compared to earlier quarters.

Ultimately, these quarterly findings will help drive policy changes and garner media attention in an effort to modernize our travel systems, maximize security and efficiency for a more seamless travel experience and fuel our industry’s continued growth.