IPW is the travel industry's premier international marketplace and the largest generator of travel to the U.S.—it is not a typical trade show.

In just three days of intensive pre-scheduled business appointments, more than 1,000 U.S. travel organizations from every region of the USA (representing all industry category components), and close to 1,300 international and domestic buyers from more than 70 countries, conduct business negotiations that result in the generation of more than $4.7 billion in future travel to the U.S. At IPW, buyers and sellers are able to conduct business that would otherwise be generated only through an exhaustive number of around-the-world trips.

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About Brand USA

As the premier sponsor of IPW, Brand USA looks forward to welcoming travel professionals around the globe to IPW in Denver, Colorado. As the nation’s destination marketing organization, Brand USA inspires people worldwide to experience the United States’ diverse destinations and attractions.

Brand USA works in close partnership with the travel industry to maximize the economic and social benefits of travel. These benefits include creating jobs essential to the economy and fostering understanding between people and cultures. According to a study done by Oxford Economics, over a two-year period Brand USA's marketing initiatives have helped bring more than 2 million incremental visitors to the USA, benefitting the U.S. economy with nearly $15 billion in business sales; nearly $2 billion in federal, state and local taxes; and supporting, on average, 50,000 incremental jobs per year. 

Brand USA’s marketing programs are funded by non-Federal contributions, which support our marketing effort to inspire travelers to explore the United States of America’s boundless possibilities.

For industry or partner information about Brand USA, visit www.TheBrandUSA.com

For information about exceptional and unexpected travel experiences in the United States, please visit Brand USA’s consumer website at www.VisitTheUSA.com

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