Brand USA markets the U.S. to global travelers worldwide, bringing in millions of additional international visitors each year—at zero cost to taxpayers.

Quick Facts

Brand USA is the highly successful public-private partnership formed under the bipartisan Travel Promotion Act of 2009, charged with promoting the U.S. as a destination to global travelers. But the critical program will EXPIRE soon without action from Congress. Bills (H.R. 3851 and S. 2203) have been introduced that would renew Brand USA through 2027. Learn how you can help with our toolkit of industry resources

Hundreds of U.S. communities, large and small, benefit from Brand USA’s work to enhance our image abroad. The program’s marketing efforts—which operate at no cost to taxpayers—continues to bring in billions of dollars in visitor spending, which strengthens our country’s trade balance and supports tens of thousands of jobs.

U.S. Travel is dedicated to preserving Brand USA, and ensuring that U.S. leaders continue to recognize the organization’s value to our nation’s economy.

Research, News and Commentary on Brand USA

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October 04, 2019

Travel employment surged by 9,700 jobs in September. 

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Brand USA: The Current State of Play

September 06, 2019

Great strides were made in the months leading up to recess, and we are well-positioned to secure Brand USA’s long-term reauthorization. 

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