The U.S. Travel Association Member Directory is your source to connect with current members. This easy-to-use search process allows you to locate other members by industry segment, country, state, and/or member level.

Search Tips

Who is included in the directory?

This directory includes U.S. Travel's main contact and associate members. Each member organization has one main contact and Board Circle and Chairman’s Circle may choose to add additional staff as associate listings. The name listed in the general view is the main or primary contact for membership, followed by any additional contacts within the organization.

Why aren't emails included in the listing?

To avoid spamming, U.S. Travel has elected not to include the email addresses of members.

What does the member logo next to some organizations indicate?

A benefit of Chairman's Circle membership is to display their member logo.

How can I update my listing in the directory?

In order to update you listing, you need to be logged into the website. The edit feature next to your name will allow you to edit your personal profile. However, you must contact the membership department to make changes to your organization’s profile.

I’m concerned that the directory will be downloaded for commercial purposes.

The purpose of this directory is to provide members with an immediate way to access up-to-date contact information for our members. The online Member Directory may not be used for purposes of solicitation or other commercial purposes, nor may it be transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, whether temporary or permanent. Please report any abuse of directory information to the membership department.

I have tried all the above suggestions and I still can't find the member I am looking for. What now?

The Member Directory is continually changing as member information is updated and new members are added. If you think a member is missing from the directory or you have other concerns or questions about the directory, please contact the membership department.