Transforming Security at Airports: An Update on Progress and a Plan for the Future of Aviation Security

The TSA has made great strides since its inception, but the agency must evolve to address current threats and efficiently process travelers. A U.S. Travel Association task force formulated a set of recommendations to help TSA address the future of aviation security. 

These include: 

  • Stop spending TSA fees on unrelated programs;
  • Improve and expand TSA PreCheck;
  • Utilize tools to more effectively deploy TSA staff.



Jobs added by reducing TSA hassles

Reducing TSA hassles without compromising security would encourage more travel and add 888,000 more jobs to our economy.

One in five

travelers deterred by TSA PreCheck application process

A U.S. Travel study found that one in five travelers hesitant to enroll in TSA PreCheck were deterred by a complicated application process.


of TSA fees diverted

One-third of TSA fees are currently diverted away from TSA toward unrelated programs.