The travel industry is defining strategies for enduring growth and a sustainable future.

Though challenges exist, all sectors of our industry are making strides to lower carbon emissions, reduce waste, protect the environment and leave destinations—near and far—better than they were found.

Our industry faces a sustainability imperative, and its long-term competitiveness and viability depend on developing strategies and practices that deliver impacts beyond the bottom line. Ensuring the many resources and beautiful corners of our country are preserved for generations to come is fundamental to travel’s future.

U.S. Travel’s Sustainability Goals:

  • Spotlight industry progress by showcasing innovative technologies and calling attention to the ongoing actions and leadership of travel professionals in the sustainability space.
  • Amplify industry goals and commitments to conservation, best practices, waste and emission reductions and both long and short-term investments.
  • Highlight why sustainability matters and its importance to travel's future.
  • Play offense by identifying and promoting proactive policies to help the industry achieve its goals.
  • Defend against harmful policies that slow progress toward sustainability goals or penalize the industry without progress.

Recent Progress:


Research, News and Commentary on Sustainability