Prioritize investments in infrastructure to make travel more sustainable, efficient, and connected.

By prioritizing infrastructure investments now, the U.S. can emerge from the pandemic and rebuild the travel industry with more sustainable, efficient, and modern systems than ever before. Even before the public health crisis, cities and towns were growing further apart due to aging, insufficient infrastructure and congested roadways. There is an opportunity to modernize these systems, invest in new modes of transportation and facilitate recovery efforts by reconnecting Americans to each other and the world.

Recent progress: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework passed Congress in November of 2021, and will make historic investments in our transportation infrastructure.

Go deeper: The bill also established a Chief Travel and Tourism Officer at the Department of Transportation to help coordinate travel and tourism policy across all modes of transportation. This role will be vital for rebuilding our industry and preparing to welcome back visitors from around the world.



Prioritize investments to improve travel mobility; including, the expansion of rail service, electric vehicle and airport infrastructure, and modernizing national parks

The U.S. Department of the Interior should modernize existing systems to ensure stability in maintenance and infrastructure that protect the visitor experience

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A Dashboard Drive-Thru

September 15, 2022

This double-header dashboard drive-thru covers new enhancements to the Recovery and Growth Travel Insights Dashboard and insights available through the new DMO Digital Performance Dashboard. 
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