Planning vacation time is a simple, but meaningful way to improve happiness, boost morale, prevent burnout, and reduce stress. But the virtues of planning are being trumped by the realities of life and work.

The trouble is, many of the things that stop Americans from planning are based on assumptions that this study disproves.

Being proactive about vacation can be challenging, but for those who are willing to do the work, the reward is exponential. Not only do planners get to use the vacation time they earn, they get all the other benefits that follow.

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49 %

American workers who plan their time off

Fewer than half of American workers take the time to plan out their vacation days each year.

62 %

Employees who have never been encouraged to plan their vacation time

Of employees say they have never been encouraged by their company to plan to use their vacation days.

60 %

Planners typically take a week-long vacation

Six-in-ten planners typically take a week or more when they use vacation time.